Improvement of the Spatial Structure and Economic Activities in an Informal Settlement

Development strategyPROCESS FACILITATION
Porto Alegre, Brazil2013-2014

The Avenida Tronco is a major intervention opening up an urban avenue of 5.3 kilometres crossing about 40 informal settlements, which are not accounted for in the official division of regions and neighbourhoods of Porto Alegre. One of the main agenda points of this project is the relocation of about 1,400 families whose residences are to be demolished along the future road’s footprint. Potentially, in addition to improving the connection between north and south of the city, the project can carry social and economic opportunities to improve living and working conditions and the environment quality within the avenue’s vicinity. Yet, the project’ impact on the rest of the area had not yet been sufficiently elaborated in the political agenda with consequent discontent of the locals communities towards the municipality.

A 5-day workshop held on-site brought together different groups of stakeholders: local neighbourhood leaders, officials of various city departments and students of FAU PUCRS University. Moderated by SPcitI and FAU PUCRS, the participants defined a development strategy for the area to give shape to their needs and ambitions. The document acts now as a step-by-step guide to concrete projects that can contribute, to the spatial, economic and social development of the dwellers of Grande Cruzeiro.

The workshop hosted experts Jacqueline Menegassi local expert in informal land legalization, and Ellen de Kroon from the Netherlands who helped to shade light on business models that are simple and legally adaptable to small start-ups.


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  • 2012 scoping mission
  • 2013 5-days workshop
  • 2014 official handing in of the development strategy and commitment document to the mayor


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