Master Class for Municipal Staff


Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan | 2013

Since its independence, Kyrgyzstan has officially been a unitary parliamentary republic. Nevertheless the government endured continuous instability due to ethnic conflicts, revolts, economic troubles, transitional governments and political conflicts. Only in recent years, the country is reaching a more stable situation.

Bishkek, the capital, is undergoing a fast urban growth that challenges the municipality with unprecedented problems swinging between the former soviet legacies and the rampaging global economy.

SPcitI was requested to support the municipality in filling one of the most urgent knowledge gaps  in participation and co-creation. We organized a successful 3 days learning session for the municipal staff to introduce them to multi-stakeholder participation processes, communication with different groups, open up dialogues, policies and tenders for public-private collaboration and building consensus around urban projects.



Municipality of Bishkek