Workshop Series for the Urban Redevelopment of a Former Harbour Area


Gothenburg, Sweden | 2015

Frihamnen is a former harbour area that is being redeveloped by the municipality in co-operation with local developers and entrepreneurs. Its unique location across the Gota River, brings forth the perfect opportunity to reinforce the city centre forming an inclusive and dense city district according to the Gothenburg River City vision.

The development adopts a multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach, and its process is open; it is not fully planned in advance, but rather throughout time. It is a test bed for innovative urban developments, which use new methods to combine thousands of new dwellings with venues, offices, hotels, a hospital, restaurants, schools and services right beside the water. In the future, around 15,000 people will live and an equal number will work here. 

On the way to the first implementation phase in 2021, the Municipality Planning Department and Älvstranden Utveckling wants to establish an innovative collaboration process with several stakeholders from the very beginning. In order to achieve this goal a series of three workshops were developed by SPcitI together with Gehl architects.

In these workshops the development and implementation of the public space framework, the Jubilee park and water plan, the build-out densities, the streets sections, the programme blend and social housing have been discussed and assessed.

SPcitI’s expertise and experience in city re-development, especially in former industrial and harbour areas through organic urban process and multi-stakeholder approach has supported the workshops series to deliver a clear vision on what is fixed and what can still be defined through time, as a base for a development strategy.



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