Seminar on Cooperative Housing for the Urban Requalification of Informal Areas in Brazil


Porto Alegre, Brazil | 2015

Brazil has elaborated policies and frameworks for the upgrading  informal settlements at the national scale. However, the federal planning and financial programme shows a large dependency on the local capacities and strategies, which are not always adequate. The programme is hampered by a lack of financial resources and a complex bureaucracy.

The seminar investigated whether the creation of co-operatives, with the aim of land regularization and urbanization, can give dwellers more power to initiate the upgrade and rehabilitation of their communities, enabling and accelerating the requalification processes.

About thirty participants took part in this event: representatives from the Brazilian Ministry of Cities, the World Bank, UN-HABITAT, local Community Leaders, architects and lawyers with expertise in land regularization, the DEMHAB – housing department of the City of Porto Alegre- and students of the Faculty of Architecture and of FAU-PUCRS.

The seminar output contributed actively to the on-going debate of the “social production of habitat”, within the context of the actual housing policies and legal frameworks in Brazil.


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