Botanical Garden Redevelopment


Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan | 2014- on going

As a tribute to the amazing Kyrgyz flora and fauna, a group of active citizens has set the strategic objective to promote greater environmental awareness and restore the Bishkek Botanical Garden. The Garden is to be rehabilitated using new sustainable landscape design methods  combined with the local knowledge in gardening, horticulture, and fauna protection. Herby education and citizens engagement with nature and ecology will take a central role, raising awareness on the regional ecosystem.

SPcitI has been invited by the local Archa Foundation ( lawyer G. Kalikova and botanist Prof. E. Shukorov) to follow and counsel the process of this restoration project, gathering various interested stakeholders. The projects aims also to enable the residents to practice urban farming and preserve valuable nature within the city.


In collaboration with: 

Archa Initiative Foundation


  • 2014 scoping mission
  • 2015- on going advice at distance