NEW! @mensenwerk_city 

The ‘Mensenwerk’ manifest is under construction. But it is becoming more evident everyday, that what we have stated in the first phase of our research (voorstudie) is absolutely valid: The transition to a new economy has already begun, the first signs are there, and work is being done at policy level as well as in concrete projects. But, we all seem to be too busy with everyday tasks to categorise these developments under the umbrella of ‘the transition in work’ and to identify the impact on spatial planning. This is a missed opportunity; We should use this to stimulate new urban planning processes with simple rules, other forms of collaboration and a new playing field with more and different types of players. So part of our mission is to inform, get the debate going and involve as many people as possible. That is why we now have a twitter account: @Mensenwerk_city – so we can start building some momentum the coming months, counting down to the event we are organising with Pakhuis de Zwijger in February 2018!


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