Linking Urban Farming and Urban Planning in Times of Crisis: Food Strategies for the Al Za’atari Camp

Urban Farming in Al Za'atari Camp
In July 2016, SPCitI, in collaboration with RUAF, conducted a second mission to Al Za’atari Camp in Marfraq, Jordan. This second field work assignment is a follow-up to the first scoping mission organized in 2015 and commissioned by VNG International. During this last expedition, a number of interventions were identified to support the development of small scale integrated food production initiatives for host and refugee communities in Mafraq. These interventions are to be linked to the infrastructural framework and planning scenarios developed by VNG International and the municipality of Amsterdam within the framework of the LOGO Rep program. The program aims to bridge the gap between short-term humanitarian aid and long-term sustainable development in the region by preparing the ground for initiatives connecting people, food, water, products and services.

Read more about the project in RUAF’s Urban Agriculture Magazine.

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