ISOCARP 2016 Article: The Future of Urban Living

ISOCARP The future of Urban Living

During the 2016 52nd ISOCARP Congress in Durban, South Africa, Miranda Schut presented a paper entitled “The future of Urban Living: New Forms of Work – Planning for the Unknown in Amterdam”. The paper was part of the congress fourth track “Urban Planning and Policy Making in Times of Uncertainty, Fragility & Insecurity” and introduced SPCitI’s research-by-design project in Amsterdam’s Metropolitan Region (MRA). 

The project’s goal is to identify the main themes that will drive changes into the future of work and that will have relevant impact on spatial planning in the MRA. With the continuous and fast-paced change induced by technological innovation and social developments, new perspectives need to be developed to address the development and growth of urban environments. This does not only apply to the MRA but also to other major cities in the Europe and beyond.

SPCitI study explores, among others, the topics of housing, healthcare, mobility and food chains and aims to gain a better understanding of the spatial principles, frameworks and development strategies that shape the city. In a later phase, the project will investigate, urban policy implications, tools and planning strategies.

The article provides insights into the issues that are addressed by the project, the methodology and the principles underlying the research.  

Check Miranda’s presentation and read her paper here

For the complete ISOCARP publication, check the ISOCARP Congress 2016 report page.

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