The First Phase of ‘MensenWerk’ is Complete!


The central question of our ongoing research ‘MensenWerk – The Future of Urban Living, Planning for the Unknown’ is not about the exact programming of urban transformation areas in the future. It is rather: how to deal with the spatial integration of economy and work in the future and what type of development strategies are needed to address that?

Our aim is not to “plan” for the work transition and the new economic activities but to scout for planning instruments to ensure that the unfolding of these future developments will not be hampered by the current planning methods that could soon prove obsolete in facing the upcoming urban changes. We think that urban areas must be strategically developed to make ample space for each stakeholder to participate in the process and that plans should be sufficiently flexible to accommodate the unforeseen evolution of spatial programs through time.

May these issues ring as a wake-up call and raise questions or tickles your curiosity, send us a line to – we are happy to tell you more. Upon request we can also send you excerpts of our research (in Dutch), giving you some insight in what we have been up to. After the summer, we will start the next phase in which we will go into the field and start testing the ideas on the research sites in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region – getting a grasp beyond theory-  to be continued!

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