ASRE Seminar

On 6th October Gert and Bernardina gave seminar at the ASRE as part of the course “Real Estate Economy for the National Government” .

The students are officials of the National Real Estate department and other national instances that deal with property of public goods. One of the exercises they have been asked for this knowledge update course has the Marineterrein as case study. Since the professional background of the students is mostly based on economic appraisals and visions, Gert and Bernardina were asked to highlight the spatial qualities and potentials of the Marineterrein. Part of the discussion focussed on how spatial aspects can be significant and sensible factors in real estate despite how difficult it is to assign a tangible economic value to them. Another debated topic was how “adaptive planning” is getting a more and more interesting and urgently needed approach, especially for such unique locations that entail high public interest from international to local level. It is a challenging interdisciplinary task to figure out how this can be worked out in a successful model for future urban planning where the business plan goes hand in hand with spatial development and the use/programme of the area. Building it up through time, at an organic pace.

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