SPcitI is based in Amsterdam and founded by Gert Urhahn and Bernardina Borra in 2012. After 6 years collaboration, Gert and Bernardina decided to bring together more than 50 years of experience to launch a joint venture. The aim is to put their expertise in urban design and planning further at work with a new concept that is more responsive to the requirements of each urban project.

Our small and highly qualified core team is used to working in multidisciplinary settings,  regularly collaborating with renowned professionals from different areas of expertise to meet the specific needs and challenges of each project.


Gert Urhahn  Gert Urhahn

Architect – Urban Designer, Co-Founder | CV

Gert Urhahn is co-founder of The Spontaneous City International.  He is a consensus builder with a great collaborative spirit and a focus on strategic thinking and creating value. Gert has previously founded and directed Urhahn Urban Design and was a Senior Urban Designer at the Municipality of Amsterdam, where he strongly engaged in the redevelopment of the Amsterdam waterfronts. Through his 50 years of practice, he has accumulated a broad international portfolio of projects in cities such as Amsterdam, London, Antwerp or Oaxaca and has published extensively on regeneration strategies and urban typologies. Read more >>

Gert speaks German, Dutch and English.


Bernardina Borra, PhDBernardina Borra

Architect – Urban Designer, Co-Founder | CV

Bernardina Borra is co-founder of The Spontaneous City International. Embracing contemporary working flexibility, she professionally straddles between urban designer, researcher, curator and teacher. She is an expert in co-operative processes in urban development, and has more than 15 years of experience working on a wide range of projects including housing, working areas, master planning and space revitalization. Her comprehensive approach and keen attention from overview to detail have led her successfully through different practices and strategic urban planning across different countries in Europe and the rest of the world. Read more >>

Bernardina speaks English, Dutch, Italian, French and Spanish.


Miranda SchutMiranda Schut 

Landscape Architect, Associate Partner | CV

Miranda Schut is a landscape architect and urban planner with a MSc. from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and a Post-Master from the French Institute of Urbanism in Paris, with a specialisation in city development in the Global South. During her studies she worked on cities and landscapes in Bangladesh, Ghana and Romania, followed by professional experiences in Benin, France, the Netherlands, South-Korea, Suriname and the United-Kingdom. Her work is always site-specific, informed by the landscape and urban patterns, on the intersection of social dynamics and urban services and infrastructure.

Miranda speaks Dutch, English, French and German.


Sarah EssbaiSarah Essbai

Urban Planner – Communications

Sarah Essbai is an architect and urban planner. A former Fulbright Scholar, she completed her Master of Urban and Regional Planning at Ball State University in Indiana, the United States with a focus on economic development. She worked previously on projects in Morocco, the US and the Netherlands and her experience includes the areas of affordable housing, community development and historic preservation. Sarah is also a regular contributor at the environmental design platform The Global Grid.

Sarah speaks Arabic, French, English and Dutch.