The Spontaneous City International

A Multi-Stakeholder and Multi-Disciplinary Approach




At SPcitI, the city is not only built matter, it is rather the ensemble of the relationships between the different individuals inhabiting and making the city. 

We believe that shaping our living and working environment should be the result of the cooperation and combination of the interests and potential of all involved stakeholders and experts.

Based on a set of defined principles, we bring together people, knowledge and disciplines in a multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary approach throughout each phase of every project.








Our approach revolves around two core questions:

How to implement spatial planning where diversity and flexibility of use between living and working can adapt to today’s fast changing urbanity?

How to connect all stakeholders to their cities and make them co-owners of the urban development process?



In answering this question, we follow 5 principles:

  1. Understand the complexity of local contingencies on all scales
  2. Map, contact and give access to all stakeholders
  3. Define the benefits for each group of stakeholders
  4. Identify  collective values
  5. Steer an open process that allows room for flexibility

SPCitI Benefits








Key steps

  • We ease and facilitate communication among the stakeholders;
  • We enhance shared decision making and the assignment of roles among the different stakeholders;
  • We ensure that all stakeholders commit to achieve concrete projects;
  • We outline business models;
  • Finally, we create frameworks where individual rights, duties and responsibilities are equally accessible and consciously shared.