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The Spontaneous City International

The Spontaneous City International (SPcitI) is a strategic urban planning think tank.

We see planning projects as the spatial embedding of human activities that has to be dealt with in an integral and constantly up-to-date approach.

In the midst of the continuous global urban growth, living and working are becoming more intertwined than ever. Living encompasses more and more active and productive activities which occur across different spaces, trespassing on the spatial conventional designation of work and housing areas. At SPcitI we address the spatial challenges posed by these changes.

Our primary focus lies in researching, designing, advising and facilitating the provision of spaces where the urban life of the future, including productive activities, will happen. This entails all related urban topics and challenges which are critical  to grasp the spatial and strategic conditions necessary for these activities to take place. This is why we consider, as core issues, today’s spatial-economic transition, the primacy of collective values and the scale of daily activities.

SPcitI’s expertise is to shape development visions and strategies for mixed-use and inclusive spaces which integrate and reflect the end users economic and social interests both in the process and in the spatial outcome.

We work, in the Netherlands and internationally, on diverse kind of projects, ranging from urban revitalization, energy transition, logistics, and food production. Our approach is based on the principles of the Spontaneous City book. These principles are put into action in all of our projects in which we ensure the involvement of all stakeholders and actors to ensure a multi-stakeholder and a multi-disciplinary process.


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