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The Spontaneous City International

The Spontaneous City International (SPCitI) is a strategic urban planning firm based in Amsterdam founded by Gert Urhahn and Bernardina Borra in 2012.

After 6 years of collaboration, Gert and Bernardina decided to bring together more than 50 years of experience and to launch a joint venture to put their expertise in urban design and planning and passion for fostering community development into practice. SPCitI has since been active, in the Netherlands and internationally, working on diverse urban topics and challenges, ranging from urban revitalization, to community development and food production strategies.

SPCitI’s approach is based on the principles of the Spontaneous City developed by Gert in the book of the same title published in 2010. These principles are put into action in all of our projects in which we ensure the involvement of all stakeholders and actors.

Our expertise lies in guiding our clients to shape development visions and strategies for mixed-use and inclusive spaces which integrate and reflect the end users economic and social interests both in the process and in the spatial outcome.


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